Travel Advisory

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure advises all DTI regional offices and maintenance divisions are closed to the public until further notice. DTI is focusing on providing essential services only as a result of efforts to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These services are currently limited to road monitoring, snow plowing, salt/sand application, repair of major potholes and responding to critical issues. If there is an emergency relating to road infrastructure, the public should please contact 506-453-7171.

Reporting Guidelines

Construction and Maintenance activities reported on this site are for locations exhibiting the following restrictions:

  • The whole road is closed for ½ hour or longer; or
  • A travel lane is restricted for a period of more than 4 hours.

Winter Road Report Guidelines

Winter Road Conditions are available for the following highway segments:

  • Major Provincial Highways
  • Arterials (1 - 99)
  • Major Collectors (113; 116; 120; 126; 180; and Portions of 105; 108)

Note: The following information is offered as a public service and may not be a complete list of all road closures in New Brunswick.